Everyone will have the habit of using perfumes and after once it’s over, the bottles are thrown by the people.

Besides throwing them you can use the empty bottles to decorate your home or even reuse miniature bottles for travel.

If you are okay with those options, then all by means do go ahead. However, if you feel like the perfume bottles could be so much more, let us bring you into the world of creativity.

Make flower vases

Using empty perfume bottles, you can make lovely flower vases and they are not just as bud vases.

Either fill them with a natural flower or create a permanent arrangement with the quality of silk blossoms. You can do with old perfume bottles easily, so no need to throw them into the bin.

Decorate your home

You can use these empty bottles to decorate your home with the help of glitters. If you like shine and spark looks, then fill the empty bottles full of glitters.

You just need three things to do this glitters, water, and glue. With the help of these, you can do the good arrangements in your home or room.

Create wall art

perfume bottles

You do not have any idea to use compact cushions and why you do not use that for wall decorations?

You can do with empty perfume bottles easily. Use those cushions to cover over the bottles and make the wall art.

Create a wearable accessory

Create wearable accessories using an empty cosmetic container or a small perfume bottle. Why do want to purchase necklaces from the other side? Just show off your skills by creating wearable accessories.

Bottom line

You can make all these things easily by recycle perfume bottles. Make use of this information and create a different thing in your own style.