For those people who used to wear makeup, it seems as though their collection of eye shadow palates, foundation bottles, and bottles of nail polish are never-ending.

Most people will not like to throw them into the dust pin. Make use of such things, you can make a lovely product or you can use that for other purposes.

Let see what you can do with the empty makeup containers?

Old lip balm containers to store Bobby pins

Recycling the old makeup containers, cosmetic containers and other types of container receptacles is a piece of cake.

If it’s like that you can them for other uses. For example, if you have empty lip balm containers that can be used to store bobby pins. So, you no need to purchase a special container to keep the pins.

cosmetic containers

Makeup container into jewellery Box

You can use your makeup container to keep things like hair elastics, earrings, and other jewelry. You can keep this container easily in your bag when you go out.

Perfume bottles into vases

The perfume bottles are so pretty and too expensive and why throw them away? There are many ways to repurpose cosmetic containers.

One of the ways is you can convert these old containers into vases and also it gives the elegant looks to your home.

Shampoo bottles into a brush holder

Shampoo bottles are one of the most versatile of containers. You can use this as a brush holder. Cut the empty shampoo bottles a few inches from the bottom, Dull the edges and voila. Now a holder for makeup brushes is ready.

Old container for skincare creations

You can use your makeup container to store the homemade skincare cleanser or creams. So, you no need to purchase some other containers to store these things. Just reuse old makeup containers to get a lot of benefits.