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This is the posting policy on Doubt on Broadway – I’m real and I strive to keep it real 🙂


The products featured are either purchased by me, given by friends or may be Press samples (from media events attended) or sent by PR companies or the Brand companies themselves for consideration and sometimes for review. Since it matters to some people, I will indicate if they are Press samples on a case by case basis. My approach to reviewing the product does not change.

How ever I come by the products, I will promise that the quality of my product review or writing is never compromised. I always highlight pros and cons of products in all my reviews. Sponsored products are never guaranteed of a positive review but I promise to be fair – both to the brands and to the readers hence the pros and cons – so consumers are better informed. My final obligation is always to ensure that the readers are presented with an informed opinion and critique.

I partner with ad networks for image ads. I may, at my discretion, work with sponsors on paid sponsored content which will be clearly indicated. Whatever income earned helps pay for website hosting bills which are hefty. I do not sell text links nor accept guests posts and queries of that nature will never be responded to.


I am not an expert and my information is sourced from online resources or from my own experiences, or derived from brand sources. Products I review are based on my own personal experience with the products or health supplements that I take.

I have a testing period for all products featured in the reviews on Doubt on Broadway so by the time you read the posts I would have used the products for a certain time frame:-

  • Makeup reviews are done after testing of between a few days to a minimum of a week’s use.
  • Skincare reviews are done after 3-4 weeks use.

Image ads are run by third party networks and I do not have control over what shows nor am I aware of the ad that may be shown to you. I may not have tried the product or service advertised and I will advise you to proceed with caution. Where possible, I filter out ads for products and services I do not personally condone but some may slip through and I disclaim all connection with those companies or product.

Some websites I link to or write about are based on my experience with them or based on my perception of them. Some may be affiliate links – I do need to pay for hosting my website. I will not be held responsible for any orders or problems you might encounter when purchasing from an online retail store. I will not be held responsible for inciting you to place an order even if you may claim I influenced you to. Links to other websites will take you to an external site run by 3rd parties. They are out of my control and I will not be responsible or liable for your dealings with them. Caveat Emptor.


I retain full copyright over all the articles within Doubt on Broadway. Where photos belong to me, they will be watermarked and I too retain full copyright over the photos found on Doubt on Broadway. Unauthorized use of any part of the text or photo is expressly prohibited. Unauthorized use of content or photos is theft and an infringement of my copyright.

All articles or excerpts thereof may not be used without prior permission having first been obtained. If permission is granted, please provide an attribution link back to my site at www.doubtonbroadway.com or to the article itself. You may link to the article but you may not reproduce any part of the article whether in full or in part. No part of my articles may be used for commercial purposes unless expressly allowed for and a reasonable compensation has been agreed upon.

If you wish to link to a photo on my site, please do not crop the photo or use it in any way that indicates or implies that it belongs to you. I have placed a watermark on my photographs and I will respectfully ask that you let those remain. All photos must be published as is with a credit back to my blog.

I will take the necessary action again any site found to be infringing my copyright rules. This includes raising this matter with your webhost and your advertisers and I will not be responsible for any action they may take against you.