This is one of the common questions that are asked by women. You will be having a practice of keeping your old kinds of stuff in your home.

But keeping the makeup brushes for a long time is not advisable. This is because it may cause health related problems like skin irritation and eye infections.

So it is necessary to change your makeup brushes regularly before you get a new one.

How to take care of your makeup brushes?

The good makeup brushes last for years if they are maintained, cleaned and stored properly. Concealer and foundation brushes should be cleaned regularly.

This is because; these brushes are mostly used in the major parts of the face. If you cleaned the brushes often, then you can get the higher applications.

It is recommended to clean the eye shadow brushes twice a month and all other types of brushes can be cleaned once in a month.

You can replace makeup brushes, once they start to fray, shed or lose its shape. The brushes can also make a huge difference and make an impact on the makeup.

How to clean the makeup brushes?

Several ways are available for cleaning the makeup brushes. The first method is wiping the makeup brushes with a dry towel after the completion of usage.

This method is able to kill the bacteria and it is a quick process. The next method is by cleaning the brush with baby shampoo.

After washing the brushes with baby shampoo, you have to keep the brush under cold water for a rinse.

makeup brushes

When to replace the makeup brushes and products?

You can keep the mascara for three months only. This is because; whenever the brush is taken out, it will bring out any bacteria.

If you are using concealer and foundation brushes, then it should be replaced in one year. If you are using the blush, then it can be replaced after two years.

And you have to keep the blush brush clean for a few years. Any products or brushes that are used in the eye should be replaced often.

Last few words

By now you can get a clear idea about when to replace the makeup brushes and how to clean the makeup brushes. Make use of the article, to clarify the doubts regarding the makeup brush duration.