One of the most commonly asked questions is where should store perfumes? The best way to keep perfume fresh for long-lasting, keep perfumes in a cool or dark place.

The catacombs of a closet or dark box are the best ones to store a brand new bottle of perfume. If stored improperly, the fragrance will go off in a short period, so here are the ways to store perfume to make for the last longer.

Store in a cool or dark place

Sunlight can be damaged your perfume bottle and it leads to making expire soon. However, if stored in a cool or dark place, the perfume will come for the last longer.

A closet or a drawer is the best place to store perfume to make it long-lasting. So, properly store your fragrances will increase the life span of the perfume.

Store with the original box

Storing the same box of the bottle can drastically increase the life of perfume. The boxes are made to hold the aromatic elixir within, so it protects perfume from the things like heat and sunlight and provide the long-lasting for perfume.

Avoid the bathroom to store the perfume

Most of the people used to store perfumes in their bathrooms if it’s that perfume will not come for the last longer.

The bathrooms have both extreme humidity and temperature fluctuations. The extreme humidity will affect the quality of the perfume. This is why keep perfume in the bathroom is a bad idea.

Avoid shaking before apply it

Many people will sake perfume before to use it. If you shake the bottle, it will expose the perfume to excess air, which can be harmful. Therefore, this is one of the specific instructions to avoid doing before applying the perfume.

Bottom line

Now, you have the ideas for the best way to store perfume for the last longer. Keep follow this and get the maximum benefit.